Hammerite Metal Paint Hammered - Black -750ml

Hammerite Metal Paint Hammered - Black -750ml


Product Description

Rust - its starts deep inside, gradually eating its way through the metal weakening it, seeping up through the paint; leaving those horrid little bubbles and holes all over your vehicle. There are so many different products on the market to deal with rust, but once it starts you will need a product to not only stop it from getting worse, but to stop it dead. Hammerite may have the answer with their range of Direct to Rust Paints.

This Black Hammerite Direct to Rust metal paint, comes in a 750ml tin and has a hammered metal finish. Providing up to 8 years protection from the elements, it can be painted straight onto any metal or rusted surface without the need for primer. This tough paint is simple to use and comes with on pack full preparation, usage and cleaning instructions.

Box Contains
1 x 750ml Tin of Black Paint