Instant Sunshine 100% seed mix, Over 45 Wildflower Species


Create that pretty wild flower garden without the effort, Cover large areas cheaply and effectively and these flowers will self seed so they will look beautiful year after year


Attract lots of butterflies

If you have a large area to cover the more you buy the less it costs 


30g Covers approx 10sqm (99p per sqm)

90g Covers approx 30sqm (83p per sqm)

300g Covers approx 100sqm (76p per sqm)


  • A mix of over 25 Annuals/Biennuals & 23 Perennials
  • Wildflower species from over the world
  • Maximum impact in year 1 with a host of colours. Perennials come back year after year.
  • Sow at 3 grams to the square metre
  • Packed and distributed in the Uk