Optrex Fresh Eyes Drops 10ml

Optrex Fresh Eyes Drops 10ml



Refreshing Eye Drops for tired eyes

Refreshes & revitalises

Contains natural plant extracts

Are specially designed to help soothe and revitalise tired, sore, uncomfortable eyes

Safe to use everyday

Refreshing eye drops for tired eyes
Computer usage, driving, polluted environments, late nights, air conditioning, central heating and dusty atmospheres can leave eyes feeling tired, sore and uncomfortable.

Optrex - experts in eye care


CE Mark - European Conformance


Optrex is an associate company of RBH
Optrex and the design are trademarks of Optrex Ltd



  • Aqua, 
  • Hamamelis Virginia (Witch Hazel), 
  • Alcohol, 
  • Boric Acid, 
  • Glycerine, 
  • Sodium Borate, 
  • Benzalkonium Chloride



Reckitt Benckiser Heatlhcare (UK) Limited (RBH),
Dansom Lane,
HU8 7DS,


Directions for use
Adults and Children
1. Remove contact lenses before use, allow at least 15 minutes before replacing them after use.
2. Tilt your head backwards and gently squeeze 1 or 2 drops into each eye. 

Only for use in the eyes


If irritation persists seek medical advice.
Safe to use in children's eyes with the supervision of an adult.

Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use after expiry date.






Store below 25ºC. 
Discard 28 days after opening.