Pataks Madras Sauce 450G

Pataks Madras Sauce 450G


Kathleen Wander

Haw Farm House

Hampstead Norreys


RG18 0TP


26th August 2019


Dear Mr Weir


As you will, no doubt remember we didn’t get off to a good start in relation to my son’s medication for Alfie Wander (Dexamfetamine) with the request with Dr Ezra!


On a different note I would like to point out that your surgery, in particular Dr Haider did a truly amazing job when I came to see him for my prescription for regular medication, thyroxine. I pointed out to him that I was experiencing pins and needles in my right foot, along with a few other symptoms, I cannot believe that he actually saved my from a life of paralysis and incontinence, I had in fact Cauda Equina Syndrome! He referred me immediately to Basingstoke A&E after trying to get through to the orthopaedic team, he warned me not to drive and therefore my husband took me. After several tests and an MRI scan I was referred to the neuro surgical unit at Southampton where the following day I had emergency surgery to releive the compression on my spinal cord!


I cannot praise Dr Haider enough, without his intervention and conscientious approach